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Investing in Mutual funds is the best way for investors before taking direct entry into equity/debt markets. It should be the first step and it helps you to understand how equity/debt markets functions and how fluctuations in equity/debt markets affect returns.

A mutual fund is a pool of money accumulated from thousands of investors. Investors receive a proportionate share in the form of shares or units. A mutual fund manager will then take the pool of money and decide what securities to buy and sell within the mutual fund on behalf of the individual investors. These decisions are made with the assistance of high quality investment research and are made by experienced investment professionals.

Given the number of funds of Mutual Funds available in the market it becomes difficult for an investor to identify the appropriate scheme that will match his needs. Mutual funds ensure diversification within and across asset classes, across securities, across geographies and also across fund managers. Diversification is an inevitable part of any investment strategy. The objective of diversification is best achieved in Mutual funds. It is one of the best ways to achieve financial goals.

At Aalps Investment Advisory, our experts identify your investment objective and accordingly construct your Mutual fund portfolio thereby ensuring proper diversification.

Aalps Investment Advisory :

Mutual Fund through Lumpsum

This service caters to new investors who are willing to invest in Mutual funds and to those who want to infuse fresh investment. Our certified Mutual funds Expert analyse your overall Investment profile and objective of Investing in lumpsum and accordingly advise you to build your Mutual Fund Portfolio.

The service is intended for those Investors also whose Mutual Funds are not performing may be due to wrong advice, wrong time entry or over exposure to particular sectors. Portfolios that are underperforming benchmark index/Sensex/Nifty. Aalps Investment Advisory works on the data provided by you and then advises you on the restructuring part with the thrust to maximise returns in your portfolio backed by thorough research.


Mutual Funds through SIP

The service is aimed at providing quality advice to new investors who wants to opt for Systematic Investment Plans (SIP) with disciplined approach to investing. It is one of the best options to maintain discipline in investments and take use of rupee cost averaging benefit. Our Experts advise you to select schemes that are appropriate for you considering your age, risk taking ability, objective of investment and time horizon. This helps you to grow your money with disciplined approach.